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Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent

Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent

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What is the Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent?

The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent is a hard-shell tent that fits onto any vehicle or SUV. The tent is manufactured from the best quality extruded aluminium and no bolts or pop-rivets are used in the structure which means no potential leaks. We found that by welding the aluminium parts together the life of the tent is prolonged. Because we are using extrusions, we do not use hinges as we designed the extrusions in a matter where the two extrusions fit snuggly into each other and swivel within one another, which means that the weight of the top is distributed evenly across the width of the tent. The tent itself is manufactured by the best quality canvas.

The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent has an awning on all sides of the tent to prevent rain and dew from dripping on the tent and it gives more shade to keep the tent cooler inside. The tent takes seconds to pitch and 40kg (88 lbs)can be loaded on the tent roof. The bedding can be kept in the tent as it has enough space even when in traveling mode to accommodate your bedding. Features a 12v outlet and include 2x USB ports with an interior light, convenience / storage bags situated in tent ceiling. Two tone powder coated finish on the outside for a great look. Anti-slip telescopic ladder included with a safety bracket that secures ladder in place. The mattress is high density foam with a 15mm insulation layer under the mattress as well as a high-density insulation in the roof. The Quick Pitch RTT will become your sleeping cocoon away from home.

Quick Pitch RTT

Manufacturer: Quick Pitch SA
Roof top tent name: Quick Pitch RTT (Roof Top Tent)
Closed length/width/height (mm): L2300mmx 1425mmx 260mm
Interior sleeping space length/width (mm): 2150mmx1280mm
Open height of roof (mm):1600mm
Roof opening mechanism/type: Gas Struts capable of opening with 40kg on roof and 2 stainless steel lockable over-lockers.

Material used in construction of shell: Our own aluminum extrusions, welded, with no external rivets, no hinges which means extreme durability and weather resistance.

Mattress thickness/type (cm): 75mm Comfort foam covered with light weight but heavy-duty cotton canvas. It’s a proper mattress.

Ladder included (yes/no): Yes. Telescopic ladder, able to reach heights of up to 2.6m. No need for ladder extensions.

Foot/mounting type and material used: Multi-use, full-length mounting rails built into the aluminum extrusions sides and top, includes 4 x 3mm stainless steel mounting brackets.

Comprehensive list of standard features:
• Roof insulation by high density isolation foam, canvas cover with storage bags for clothes and shoes.
• Protection from cold air underneath with high density isolation in floor and light carpet below.
• Large side and back end openings with insect screens suitable for tiny, Australian biting midges.
• Weather awnings on all three openings.
• High and wide zip-up entrances can be opened all the way down to the mattress on all sides, and higher up means significant reduction in night-time condensation.
• Curved lips on the base makes ingress far easier and more comfortable.
• A proper 75mm high density comfort mattress.
• Night and daytime storage is taken care of with six spacious storage compartments to hold books, shoes, towels, medicines, clothes and night needs.
• Charge devices overnight with 2x USB charging points.
• Run overnight appliances with the standard 12v outlet.
• Low-power LED night-light with long-flexible stalk.
• Weather shielding awnings on all three sides, eliminates dew from wetting the bedding, and all three sides means you can leave the entrances open for fresh air, even in moderate rain.
• The unique design air-assisters means even a child can open this one. And when there is a load on the tent, it can still be opened and closed with ease.
• The roof, being able to be held hands-free in an almost-closed position, means getting all bedding inside is quick, and takes just seconds although the bedding can be left in the tent while traveling.
• The ladder is variable-height and collapsible which means there is no need for annoying ladder extensions, can fit even very high vehicles (up to 2,6m) and it easily fits inside the tent, or anywhere inside the vehicle if desired.

Weight: 85kg including mattress.
Warranty: 3 -year structural and on all working parts (from date of invoice, T&C’s apply).

What design elements or special features set your roof top tent apart from the rest?

Where to start? The Quick Pitch roof-tent was first released in 2019 and takes a fresh look at traditional closed-box RTT designs, with many unique features.

Water ingress when driving in rain at speed is illuminated because of a patented design inbuilt extruded full-width pivot point between upper and lower halves. There are no hinges! It’s impossible for water to get past.

At last, an RTT that’s also a roof rack. Fit your Quick Pitch RTT using load-bars (optional) which means no need of a roof-rack because with load-rails running the full-length top and sides, items such as jacks, spades, awnings, lights and axes can be fitted anywhere with standard bolts found at the hardware store. Saves a lot of weight and trips to the 4WD store.

The Quick Pitch RTT does not need any additional special mounting brackets or bolts, and thanks to its attachment rails, can be easily fitted on any good load-bar or roof-rack.

By adding load-bars on the top means attaching or trying down even more gear is possible with a standard max recommended load of 40kgs.

The Quick Pitch RTT is manufactured using state-of-the-art jigs, resulting in consistent quality of manufacture, unique patented aluminum extrusion designs, with no external hinges or rivets that can eventually fatigue and let in water. They are Tig-welded together by our in-house welding maestro.