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K9 G-Clamp OEM Rack Load Bar Kit
K9 G-Clamp OEM Rack Load Bar Kit

K9 G-Clamp OEM Rack Load Bar Kit

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The K9 Load Bar System from Eezi-Awn is a revolutionary advancement in expedition-style roof management and storage; it is thinner, lighter, stronger, quieter, more functional, more aerodynamic, more durable, and more aesthetically complimentary to your vehicle than the competition. They are powder-coated aluminum with a T-Slot on both top and bottom. Each G-Clamp OEM Rack Load Bar Kit comes with a single load bar and two (2) G-Clamp OEM Rack legs. The slot on the bottom of the extrusion holds the Eezi-Awn DIY rectangular extrusion which captivates the head of a M8 bolt and allows it to position anywhere in the length of the K9 Load Bar for attachment to feet or legs.